Presentation Instructions

In order to get most out of the presentation of your paper, to get feedback about your results, and to encourage fruitful discussions, presenting authors are asked to consider the following guidelines. 

Please bring your own laptop. You will present your paper on a 16:9 video projector. There are HDMI connectors available. 

Each paper presentation is 15 minutes. You can save a few minutes to answer quick questions at the end of your talk, but longer questions and general questions related to the theme (not necessarily your particular paper) will be discussed in the subsequent discussion session of 10 minutes. 

As a speaker, please sit at the front row for your session. This will make it easier for the subsequent discussion session. 

As a speaker, you are encouraged to build bridges between robotics theories and principles and physical experiments or new experimental paradigms and designs that facilitate theoretical advances. 

The audience is encouraged to provide feedback, ask questions, and add new ideas and thoughts to presentations. If a paper’s domain is outside of your field of expertise, you might be able to bring in a new perspective – do not hesitate to share constructive and fruitful thoughts. 

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